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Continuing to nurture your preschooler’s mind, the Kids ‘R’ Kids Pre-Kindergarten program is filled with enjoyable activities for any child. This is the next stop on your child’s way toward elementary learning. Here, learning is driven by student development and imagination.

Our program meets and exceeds national standards, has literature-based units, and addresses all learning styles. The program’s goal is to help each child succeed to his fullest potential, which is why each unit of study was developed with the learner in mind. 

Pre-Kindergarten activities include large and small hands-on groups, independent activities, and realistic application. The learning stations and curriculum were designed to build children’s comprehension. Through independent and cooperative learning strategies, children are able to apply thought, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.

This program is broken down into three categories: academic introductions, individual and group activities, and station opportunities. The academic introductions are group learning sessions where students are introduced to subject matter. Our individual and group activities help students apply what they have learned and focus on building individual comprehension. Pre-Kindergarten station opportunities provide the following: 

  • Alphabet Stationhelps children build their language skills.
  • Art Stationpresents free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination.
  • Construction Stationdevelops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating.
  • Dramatic Play Stationencourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props.
  • Number Stationlets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies.
  • Reading Stationpromotes independent reading and a love of books.
  • Science/Sensory Stationallows children to experiment with materials.
  • Writing Stationencourages beginning letter formation through a variety of
    materials and activities.

 Children continue to learn about themselves and the environment around them in an atmosphere permeated with the Kids ‘R’ Kids philosophy of “Hug First, Then Teach.” Teachers encourage and praise children for their accomplishments, building their self-esteem and creating memorable learning experiences with them.

Get smart with us!

Kids ‘R’ Kids is ready to lead every child to a higher level of success with our TeachSmart® Learning System. Our highly trained teachers engage students with this easy to use, interactive whiteboard/computer system designed exclusively for early childhood education. The lessons are coordinated with our Corporate AdvancED Accredited program as children interact with large, colorful, moveable images and diagrams by moving letters, words, numbers and pictures with a finger. With the addition of sound, this system makes the lessons engaging for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Your child will have an early grasp of technology and concepts to excel in the elementary years.

Our Pre-kindergarten program is also a participant in the Texas School Ready program, which is a program designed by the state of Texas. As an approved participant in the program, the state of Texas provides special consultants, teacher training and curriculum to ensure our program exceptionally prepares our children for Kindergarten. 

Kids ‘R’ Kids of Jersey Village takes with great responsibility and enthusiasm the opportunity to enhance the lives and advance the education of the Preschool and Pre-K children within our care. We proudly serve the preschoolers and their parents in the Jersey Village/CyFair area in the following zip codes: 77064, 77065, 77070, 77041, 77040, 77086.

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